Sketchbook Two

After filling up Sketchbook One, which took me almost a whole year, I decided to use my second sketchbook for quick, loose drawings.

The idea was not to get too precious over the outcome of the drawings. Also, instead of drawing from observation only, I started drawing from imagination. I drew random shapes and squiggles while listening to music, and it was quite liberating and fun.

There is a pond in the Jesus Green park near the place where I work, which is a home to a herd of moorhens. Long time ago, when I was still a student, I used to have a Russian friend who would call those birds “Bastards”. “Bastards!” she exclaimed every time we passed the pond. The name stuck and I felt a bit nostalgic about those birds when I moved back to Cambridge a few years ago. So I decided to start observing the bastards moorhens, with their funny long feet and nervous walk. There are many drawings in this sketchbook depicting the birds and their habitat.

This book also travelled with me to St Ives in Cornwall, where I did a few of my favourite sketches of the beach and people at the seaside. And I wasn’t attacked by seagulls even once.


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