Valentine’s Day card

Valentines Day is an important date in the illustrator’s diary.

This year I am all prepared with a hand-printed card for my special someone.


I used paper stencils and this time – water-soluble block printing inks instead of my usual acrylics. In the end, there wasn’t much difference between the two. Perhaps block printing ink is slightly brighter, but trickier to apply with a sponge roller.

Cutting out the letters was particularly fun – and I am very pleased with the outcome.


Actually, I made two cards, as I had to experiment with the composition. The one on the right was my first attempt, and at some point the birds’ heads started looking like clamps, which was definitely NOT the effect I was going for! So, I had to make some changes.


My partner was very pleased with his card, and I got one too – by Elliot Kruszynski from Wrap. I think they go together well.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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